Rules & Regulations

The following rules have been established by the BE FAB Market Days of Bulverde to uphold the integrity of this show. All rules MUST be followed by ALL participating vendors. If you are accepted for participation, vendors who break the rules as stated in our contract will be suspended from participation for 1-3 months or will no longer be able to participate, depending on the violation. Those who break rules repeatedly will not be welcome back. So please read the following carefully.
• New Applications are required at the beginning of each year by every vendor.
• Vendors are required to provide their own display equipment and canopy. Your booth display must be
• If two or more persons collaborate on the contents of the booth, each person must be identified on the application.

• Commercial agents or dealers are not eligible to participate.
• All vendors MUST be present and on site during the entire show unless approved by event coordinator.
• Vendors may only exhibit and sell product in the category for which they were accepted.
• Participating exhibitors will be responsible for collecting and paying current Texas Sales Tax on all sales made during the show. A Texas Sales Tax Certificate is required for participation. If you need a Texas Sales Tax ID. Please go to ~ The State of Texas is now requiring me to submit a quarterly list of participants and sales tax numbers, they will be cross-referencing to make sure all vendors are paying adequate Sales Tax. Please have it displayed in your booth. Point of Sale is City of Bulverde.

• Vendors must park in designated vendor parking. Do not block anyone’s trailer and DO NOT park in customer parking.You can walk thru to the show from the side of that parking lot.
• N0 refunds. If a 7 day notice is given payment may be transferred to the following show. Transfers do not carry over after 3 months. No shows will result in elimination.
• All vendors must set up. Inclement Weather will be considered by the Coordinator and only she or he will cancel the show IF necessary. Vendors who close up without permission before 4 pm will result in termination from the show.
• Do not move parking cones or drive onto curbs on the Bulverde Hills Properties, LLC grounds – stay on paved areas only.
• All canopies and tents must be secured & tied down. Please be careful of our underground sprinkler system. Bulverde Hills Properties, LLC and members are not responsible for damaged canopies and/or tents. NO STAKES in the concreted area.

• Do not discuss problems with other vendors – If there are issues discuss them with show coordinator.
• Smoking is prohibited on property.
• Vendor generated trash; boxes, product etc… must be disposed of in the Vendor parking lot dumpster.
• Photos must be provided and approved prior to introducing new items to the show.
• Event coordinator reserves the right to refuse exhibition of work that is not consistent with the submitted photographs and the rules listed above or is offensive to the “family” environment of the market days. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the show with no refund.
Please retain a copy of these rules for your reference.